Delivering Greater Value
through Sustainable Growth


We build on our strengths, to achieve superior business results by stretching our capabilities.


In everything we do, we determine to deliver value and results above expectations to ensure that Agincourt Resources becomes the industry’s most trusted partner; the company people want to invest in; that customers, partners and suppliers, governments and communities want to work with; and that employees are keen to work for.


To become a sustainable world class operation delivering first quartile performance in the gold industry.


To develop a long term sustainable business generating positive outcomes for all stakeholders.


We strive to be a GREAT company in all of our operations and dealings with people. Growth. Respect. Excellence. Action. Transparency.

Socially Responsible,
Productively Reliable


We have maintained our social license to operate, by achieving high standard in key aspects of our operation, including worker safety, community development, protection of the environment and regulatory compliance. At the same time we consolidate our reputation as a reliable low cost gold producer.


Golden Potential

Martabe Gold Mine is located on the west coast of the North Sumatera province – in a world class gold district. The Contract of Work covers four districts and one municipality in the province, namely North Tapanuli, Central Tapanuli, South Tapanuli and Mandailing Natal districts and Padangsidimpuan municipality. Purnama Pit is part of a large scaled mineralised district of up to six known deposits within a 6 km radius with potential to host further gold and gold – copper deposits. Ore is being mined by open pit method with low strip ratios. The mine has high gold and silver grades from the surface to the base of the reserve limit. Purnama deposit has a 10 year mine plan with refractory potential at depth. Martabe deposits are open at depth for sulphide potential and laterally CIL potential still exists.