Contributing to local community needs helps ensure that our most important stakeholders directly benefit from the development and operation of the Martabe Gold Mine and, as a consequence, support our ‘social license to operate’.

At PT Agincourt Resources we believe that the support and endorsement of its activities by the communities in which it operates is fundamental to the long-term success of its business. Trust, mutual respect, active partnership and long term commitment to a workable relationship and achieving sustainable development are the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy.

The company’s community development strategy promotes programs that meet immediate community needs and provide for sustainable benefits well after mine closure. Based on community consultations and our own experience, five main areas of assistance have emerged, namely education, community health, local business development, infrastructure and agriculture.

Our commitment to providing our local communities with access to high quality employment opportunities, targeting 70% of our workforce being recruited locally. Likewise we maintain our strong commitment to local purchase of goods and services wherever possible.

Our community development programmes continued to be diverse and practical in nature. Examples include construction and renovation of school rooms and sanitation facilities, support for community “reading gardens/children libraries”, skill enhancement for local farmers, and construction of roads, bridges and mosques.

In recognition of these efforts, our company received a number of prestigious Gelar Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Berbasis Budaya (GPMB) Awards of CSR Best Practices for community development projects.

PT Agincourt Resources Community Policy