Contributing to local community needs helps ensure that our most important stakeholders directly benefit from the development and operation of the Martabe Gold Mine and, as a consequence, support our ‘social license to operate’.

At PT Agincourt Resources we believe that the support and endorsement of its activities by the communities in which it operates is fundamental to the long-term success of its business. Trust, mutual respect, active partnership and long term commitment to a workable relationship and achieving sustainable development are the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy.

The company’s community development strategy promotes programs that meet immediate community needs and provide for sustainable benefits well after mine closure. Based on community consultations and our own experience, five main areas of assistance have emerged, namely education, community health, local business development, infrastructure and agriculture.

Our commitment is to provide our local communities with access to high quality employment opportunities, targeting 70% of our workforce being recruited locally. We maintain our strong commitment to local purchase of goods and services whenever possible. Our community development programmes continued to be diverse and practical in nature.

For the community health, Puskesmas Batangtoru is one of the infrastructure projects provided by the company for the Batangtoru community. The Puskesmas was built at the end of November 2014 on an area of 1,460 square meters and at the cost of Rp 3.9 billion in development. Puskesmas Batangtoru has a variety of room facilities including Youth Caring Health Service Room (PKPR), women's health information centre, VIP care room, communal care room, child care room, and women's care room. The Puskesmas has also been equipped with an ambulance. Puskesmas Batangtoru is the first health centre in South Tapanuli that has received Primary accreditation from the Ministry of Health.

In addition, the company has continuously held the annual free cataract surgery program since 2011 for the community in North Sumatera. To date, the program has managed to restore sight to 8,434 eyes from 7,131 people, providing a profoundly positive impact to some 35,000 lives (directly and indirectly). Through a series of socialisation, screening, surgery, post ops examination and monitoring, the company has not just given back eye-sight, but also given back productive lives to the living. We will continue to be committed to providing hope for improving the quality of life for the community, especially those around the mine.

Sopo Daganak is an open-air theatre (amphitheatre) with the capacity of 500 people on an area of 4,431 m2. Sopo Daganak is the first building specifically built as a means of preserving arts and culture for the community at surrounding the mine. It was started from the establishment of the Children's Reading Park (TBA) by the Martabe Gold Mine for children in Batangtoru and Muara Batangtoru Districts. In its journey, TBA is no longer just a place to read, and has developed into a place for various artistic activities and creativity for these children such as singing, dancing, telling stories, drawing and more. Therefore, the company provided an amphitheatre building for the surrounding area so that it can become a center for arts and culture.

As part of our program to improve economic development and work within the agriculture sector, the company has provided a rice mill which has been built in Lapotorop, Batuhula Village. This rice mill facility has a building area of 270 m2 and a drying area of 750 m2 . Rice mill capacity per day is 5 tons. This rice mill in Batuhula is very beneficial for approximately 100 rice farmers who are members of four farmer groups in Lapotorop. In the future, this facility is even targeted to be able to help more farmers in Batangtoru and its surroundings.

The operation of the rice mill is managed by Koperasi Marsada Satahi Sejahtera with a potential total production of 500 to 1,000 tons per year. This may provide further local employment opportunities in the future. The Martabe Gold Mine also provides assistance for rice storage rooms, offices, generator rooms, and toilets.

In recognition of these efforts, our company received a number of prestigious awards since 2015, namely Gelar Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Berbasis Budaya (GPMB) Awards of CSR Best Practices for community development projects, Indonesia Sustainable Development Goals Award, and CSR Indonesia Awards.

We are committed to successfully managing a range of outcomes, including safe and efficient operations, the environmental impacts, and ensuring that our presence provides long-term positive social benefits for all local stakeholders.