We have maintained our social license to operate, by achieving high standards in key aspects of our operations, including worker safety, community development, protection of the environment and regulatory compliance.

Martabe Gold Mine is located in North Sumatra in the District of South Tapanuli. Most of the mine’s support facilities are located adjacent to the trans-Sumatran highway and close to a number of villages that belong to the sub-district of Batangtoru.

Martabe Gold Mine is a profitable low-cost gold producer. The low cost of production is attributable to a range of factors including good scale of operations, a low strip ratio, relatively high grade, a relatively simple metallurgical process, excellent logistical access and a high quality workforce. The company has implemented the Martabe Improvement Programme (MIP) since operations commenced, aimed at progressively improving ounces of gold recovered and reducing costs in a sustainable manner, so as to increase the margin per ounce of gold produced.

The mine operational area is centred on the Purnama open-cut mine and a conventional carbon-in-leach (CIL) gold ore processing plant with a design capacity of 5 million tonnes of ore per annum.